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SKEA Recommended School Board Candidates 2013



The interview team recommends the following four candidates for School Board:

Rick Kimball is a two-term school board member and former chair representing Zone 5, southeast Salem. He is semi-retired after working 35 years in the food industry

Chris Brantley is completing his first term on the board representing Zone 1, northeast Salem. He is a retired educator and administrator.

Ballot Measure 85 Phone Banking

SKEA will be phone banking for Ballot Measure 85 on the following dates:
October 8th, October 18th, October 22nd, October 29th, November 1st
There will also be canvassing on October 20th.
To sign up, call the SKEA office at (503) 364-3397, or e-mail Paul Kyllo at paul.kyllo@oregoned.org

Ballot Measure 85

Ballot Measure 85: Corporate Kicker for K-12 Schools
On July 6, Our Oregon turned in more than 200,000 signatures for a statewide initiative petition that will put more funds in Oregon's K-12 classrooms by reforming the corporate kicker.
What does Measure 85 do?
Ballot Measure 85 will reform the corporate kicker by putting money
into Oregon K‐12 classrooms, rather than back into the pockets of
large, out‐of‐state corporations. That would mean lowering class sizes

Corporate Kicker for K-12 Schools—How You Can Help!

For more than a decade, teachers, parents, and community members have talked about the need to reform Oregon’s corporate kicker law so that we’re putting money where it matters, rather than sending it to large, out-of-state corporations.  
The corporate kicker is a big tax break that is triggered when the state brings in more in taxes than economists were expecting. Instead of investing that money in our schools, we give most of it away to profitable corporations headquartered outside of Oregon.

Strong Schools, Strong Oregon


On February 20, 2012 thousands of us will stand together to send a message to the state and its leaders. We need you, your friends, and your family to join with us and make history!


What We Believe
- Strong schools support strong families, communities, and a stronger Oregon
- Funding our schools is the right thing to do for our students and Oregon’s future
- Investing in public schools is Oregon’s way out of this economic crisis.


Canvass Day, October 16, 2010

Click here for more information about canvass day.

Meet the Candidates Forum

10/05/2010 5:30 pm
10/05/2010 7:00 pm

Located at the SKEA Office. All are invited to attend.

Meet the Candidates Forum Invitation

Open Letter from Patrick Mulligan regarding November elections

Good Morning!

My name is Patrick Mulligan and I was hired by OEA as a political cadre respective for the November election cycle.

With the current political climate in Oregon and across the nation it is imperative that we as educators work to support candidates that are friendly to public education. We need to help spread the word and get out the vote!

OEA-PIE Recommended Candidates and Election Information

OEA-PIE recommends John Kitzhaber for governor and Ted Wheeler for state treasurer. Click on their names to find out why.

OEA-PIE also offers a comparison of the two major-party gubernatorial candidates.

For more information about the election, please visit OEA's election page.

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