Parent-Teacher Home Visit Form

Parent Teacher Home Visit Project Updates, 11/26/2019

The Parent Teacher Home Visit Project (PTHV) has been up and running this year.  For the past nine years, the Salem Keizer Education Foundation SKEF has generously donated a $5,000 grant, yearly, to fund PTHV visits.   This year our members approved, for the first time, our dues dollars to additionally fund $5,000 for PTHV visits. ASK-ESP also added from their dues dollars an additional $1,500, bringing the total funding for PTHV visits to $11,500.

However, there are some important changes to note.  The SKEF grant has been used to fund any PTHV visits for members and non-members alike. 

PLEASE note SKEA and ASK-ESP designated PTHV funds will be used to pay PTHV visits for ACTIVE MEMBERS ONLY.

 SKEA has been using the SKEF grant dollars to fund the first $5,000 of PTHV visits. Once these funds are depleted, then SKEA and ASK-ESP will begin using budgeted dues dollars for the remaining PTHV visits.  Currently we have enough SKEF funds to pay for approximately 17 more visits, then will be transitioning to the membership dues funding for PTHV visits for active SKEA/ASK-ESP members only.

Thank you for all who participate and making a positive impact on students and their families.


Download the PTVH-Reimbursement-Form 2019 for SKEA or ASKESP members here.


To ensure payment,

all information on this form must be completed, legible and submitted within 30 days of the home visit(s).

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