SKEA Leadership in the Classroom

President Tyler and Vice President Maraline are taking one day a week out of their regular Association business to support teachers through this substitute crisis.

On Friday, October 15th, this allowed 12 teachers to keep their prep time at Houck and Claggett Creek.

“Right now, our members are beyond overwhelmed,” Tyler said. “We decided to get into the trenches to support teachers, as we continue to find solutions during this teacher and sub shortage.”

More time to handle the workload is a priority for SKEA, and having Statewide Inservice Day October 8th as a Teacher-Directed Day was a start.

“We need members to read the weekly updates in their email to stay informed,” Tyler added. “Members need to know what their union is doing for them.”

Photo credits: Macy Mulholland and Jessica Boone